Feel like you are there!

We created a new 360 immersive virtual reality technology (also known as 360 IR VR) that is completely interactive to make an audience feel as if you’re standing in the room of any scene shot.

We shot an interactive concert prototype with the rock band Killcode during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Our technology allows the user to look in any direction — to see, hear and interact with the members as they would in real life as an active viewer in the middle of the gig, having the power to look anywhere they like and feeling like they can actually hear and touch the people in 3D as if they were right in front of them, and responds to device motion or the user’s touch as well.

It can be used for Music, Theatre and Sports affected by pandemic closings, and for virtually any kind Television and Film content. It opens up opportunities of experiencing it as if physically present without being on site.

Our content can be viewed through any device including desktops, tablets and even smart TVs, best viewed through any device with motion and mapping detection, more specifically smartphones or headsets like Oculus and HTC. There are usually 2 modes: 360 mode and VR mode. 360 mode is viewing content on a device screen without the use of a headset. Some devices also offer a third 180 option — the best experience is in 360 mode.

Ask us how we can make your audience experience your production using our new technology.

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